It begins

Id like to apologize to all 5 million of my readers for my slow uptake on the blogging. Have been at RefugeeOne for a solid ten days, the first 5 or so were spent on orientation.

One of my first surprises about the organization is its size, RefugeeOne has about 50 full time employees making it the largest resettlement agency in Chicago. I was expecting a small overworked staff. I was right on the overworking, but that is nature of the work. Clients never stop coming.

I have been working primarily in the housing sector, two days ago I went to a meeting with ComED Chicago’s largest electricity supplier to discuss LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program). While I couldn’t follow all of the acronyms being tossed around, the meeting was definitely interesting. Overall I am excited to get into my work and keep exploring Chicago.

Lastly the clip posted is a video I took at the world refugee day soccer tournament hosted by RefugeeOne and other organizations. If this isn’t natural talent then I don’t know what is!


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